sábado, 10 de junio de 2017

Crazy Slime - Papertoys Clemper

New Crazy Slime - Papertoys Clemper
Download Here: CRAZY SLIME

Hello friends again

Here I bring you a new paper toy called the crazy slime, excellent for your collection, it is for children, you can have it as an ornament on your table or desk, you can also decorate it on your Christmas tree.

crazy slime created by mario clemente de papertoys clemper

to print it you must have the program pepakura viewer is free you can download it from the official website of tamasoft pepakura

in a corner of my page I will leave the link of the page of tamasoft pepakura for more information.

I await your comments and criticisms

greetings friends


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  1. Podrías compartir los archivos de la máscara del conejo de Moon Walker? Por favor

    1. Hola javier los links de las descargas me los bloquearon tengo que volver a cargarlo todo a la pagina, muy pronto lo publico, saludos.